What is going on folks? What is happening to our 2012-2013 basketball season? The students are depending on us and we are letting them down.

We have a three-pronged fork in the road, within universe of high school basketball in Ontario. We have:

1.) The Ontario Public Schools

2.) Ontario Prep Schools

3.) Us Prep Schools


The Ontario School teachers are on strike. As of next week, there is no basketball season. Thousands of players are without their gym, coaches, and competition. But there lies a huge choice right now within the Public school system of sports. If they wish to compete with the Prep schools, both domestic and in the US, we need to raise the bar of our athletic programs. I recently read a forum post, where obvious high school coaches were airing their grievances with the school boards and the Ontario Prep programs. They feel that these programs are money grabs from coaches and programs and is “tainting” high school basketball. TOO LATE FELLAS!!! Adapt or die. Our system is outdated, and to be honest, so are most of you. Perhaps, you guys should retire so the new school can implement a proper and up to date system that benefits everyone. There are so many issues within our public schools when it comes to amatuer sports:

– We do not have proper coaches

– Lack of appropriate training

– Lack of gym time for devoted athletes

– Lack of competition

– Lack of exposure

– Lack of preparation

Why would we expect an Andrew Wiggins, Jamar Ergas, or Matthew Atewe to stay in Canada. So they can play ball at U of T? We have amazing athletes and skilled players who are going to propel our countries status in the international basketball sphere into a new level because of the training they are getting at the Prep level. Prep schools have a proven equation for student-athletes… preparation + coaching + an abundance of gym time * exposure = NCAA Div 1 Scholarships!!! Who was the last public school player to get a scholarship besides Pangos who stayed to play for his father?? Devoe Joseph? Julian Clarke? Its not working people. Its time for a change.


The Prep program in Canada is blooming. Obviously in a new system, there are going to be hit and misses. I was a apart of one of the first prep programs in this city at Metro Prep. Metro is an actual school, and our principal wanted to give some scholarships to some students from lower socio-economic environments, so they can propel at athletics and academics. We gave 6 scholarships our first year. All of those 6 have gone on to university with only 2 not playing basketball. The two that are not playing basketball are both in business programs at U of T and York. The other four: Jarryn Skeete (U of B), Richard Audu (Siena), Matthew Atewe (undecided), and Jahmar Thompson (Simon Fraser) are successful in their next level of basketball endeavors.

The NPSAA has recently folded which has given ammunition to public school HATERS to say that the Prep system does not work. They claim it was a money grab and did not assist any kids. This is erroneous. The NPSAA was run ineffeciently and ineffectively. As are many leagues in their beginning phase. However, teams like REDA and Next Level have helped keep our athletes in our country, and develop players who play with Canadian pride. If I was an athlete and a prep school was promising me:

– More games

– More exposure

– Better competition

– Better training and preparation

– Better jerseys

I would go with them. Why wouldnt I? For $5000 tuition? What is that money in the grand scheme of things. We are not at a point where its prep or nothing. Families who cannot afford this fee have another choice, play public school ball!!! This prep system is the same as running private schools in our province. If you can pay, you can have a mroe specialized education, better teacher attention, and better preparation for university. Why is it allowed in education and not athletics?

We need a leader in the Prep Arena to emerge and organize these teams into a fully functional league. And it should not be that douche Ted from HoopDome!!!


The Prep school program in the US is working. It is creating better athletes, including from our own Canadian kids. Andrew Wiggins is going to be the number one pick in the NBA draft in 2014, because of this development at Huntington Prep. His time at Vaughn was a cake walk. Pointless!!! Tyler Ennis is going to Syracuse because he proved himself in front of major US talent. Neither of them would be where they are without the US prep system. We need to copy this system, and allow our athletes to flourish. We have made it to the Olympics once in 20 years with our National Team!!!! That is an indication of domestic inefficiency.


Lets step up folks. We have kids who need our services. We have a country on the brink of basketball greatness because of a handfull of Americans. We have to start the development here!!